Review of Logan

X-Men is a film series based on the superhero team that first appeared in a series of comic books created by Jack Kirby and Stan lee, and Logan, released in 2017, is the 10th installment. The popularity of X-Men led to several spin-off films, which included a trilogy that highlighted the character of Wolverine- X-Men Origins- Wolverine (2009), The Wolverine (2013) and of course Logan (2017). Stated to be the ‘third and final chapter’ in the Wolverine series, Logan belongs to a period of time when mutants are about to become extinct (2029). In this film, Hugh Jackman (Wolverine/ Logan) and Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart) are aging- Xavier is in his 90’s with mind and body disintegrating while Logan’s mutant prowess is also on the decline.


Perhaps the grimmest movie of the X-Men series, no one can deny that it’s a fitting finale to Wolverine’s long and indomitable sojourn of 18 years. Director James Mangold has succeeded in his attempt to make Logan different from the other superhero films. He doesn’t hesitate to show how age has caught up with Logan and Xavier, who have a dual battle on their hands- the battle with mortals and the battle with their own inner demons that refuse to be silenced.

The superheroes of X-Men physically look the worse for wear- Logan, sans his much touted muttonchops is depicted as a drunk with mottled skin. Fittingly perhaps, in keeping with Logan’s aging process, Mangold shows a much-toned down and slowed-down Logan- his trademark claws don’t pop out with the same alacrity and the admantium  (the alloy used  to construct his metal body) enhancements are slowly poisoning him. A highly sedated Xavier suffers from brain seizures that make the “air molecules pulsate with menace”, paralyzing those around him.

The contrast between the raging Wolverine of the first two films and a more subdued Logan cannot be more marked. This perhaps was Mangold’s way of nudging and coaxing viewers into beginning to think of X-Men films sans the two superheroes.

A visibly tired Logan, who is hiding from the world in a farm in El Paso, is seen caring and looking after Xavier, now 90. However, when a young mutant- Laura-, who is being pursued by dark forces, enters Logan’s life, things change. Logan helps Laura escape from Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant) and gets embroiled in a dangerous adventure. That and what emerges on the sidelines is the crux of the film. Logan’s initial resistance to get caught up in the ‘Laura mire’, is overcome as the three become a family of sorts.

History repeats itself for Logan- 17 years ago, when he made money fighting in cages, a young girl showed him how it felt to be good and be wanted. Now Laura shows Logan what he actually is and makes him believe that his life is definitely worth something. The play of emotions between the three, the nature of Laura’s (aka X-23) interactions and connection with Logan and her inherent warmth shows Logan in a new light. From being a seasoned killer Logan is transformed into a ‘mentor and protector’ of the 11 year old Laura (actress Dafne Keen).

Logan and the others are on the run, when X-24, a genetically engineered clone of Logan, who is working for Rice, kills Xavier. Laura and Logan escape with Xavier’s body.

An angry and extremely exhausted Logan finds himself in a clinic where Laura had taken. In an effort to become his former self, Logan takes an overdose of a serum that the doctor had prescribed. He temporarily regains his physical abilities and his healing factor. However, a rejuvenated and healed X-24 kills Logan, who is now unable to heal with the effects of the serum fading away. Jackman has died before and recovered, but this- he knows- is the end. The once indomitable Jackman is subdued.

Logan has come a long way- family changed him from a cage fighter to a regular hero and it was family that killed the worst elements that resided in Logan.

X-24- Logan’s evil half- dies at the hands of Laura, who uses Logan’s admantium bullet.

As an actor, Jackman has refined and though Logan is not as exciting as Wolverine of the previous two films, its worth watching. It is emotional without being mawkish and drives home the point that it’s perfectly all right to fight when something good is at stake.

The end is very moving as a dying Logan advices Laura not to become a guinea-pig of the scientists that created her. In a touching scene, Laura acknowledges Logan as her father. We see Jackman’s strength and we feel his pain as we hear Laura’s filial call. Family triumphed over all else, even science. Laura’s iconic X over Logan’s grave says it all.

A film worthy of Jackman- a fitting swan song to his acting abilities.

5 Best Movie Streaming Apps

Not everyone manages to find time to watch movies and favorite TV shows all the time. With the world being on the move constantly, most jobs also require people to travel. Luckily, it is technology to the rescue again. With the advent of movie streaming apps, it means that you don’t have to miss out on any entertainment anymore.

The Internet has helped in many ways and also managed to bring the world together. Reaching out to people across the globe is no longer a tedious job. Neither is watching movies of any genre and era. What more can anyone want other than being able to watch movies and TV shows on the run? It also means that you don’t have to now make excuses to stay back at home to watch something that you love. There is a lot of competition in the movie streaming app market, what with the likes of CinemaBox taking on the giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO etc. For consumers, this is a good sign of having maximum choices.

Listed below are the 5 best movie streaming apps that you can check out. These will surely help you stay up to date and smiling on the move.

Cinema Box HD

CinemaBox is a movie streaming app for Android that allows you to watch free HD movies and TV shows on your devices, whether it be a phone, tablet or a TV box. Streaming or downloading movies is possible with Cinema Box HD. The best part about Cinema Box is that it allows you to use Google Chromecast. So you can connect to your big TV screen and get that awesome movie watching experience. So, it’s kind of all in one experience.

Coming from the makers of the Play box HD app, CinemaBox  simply happens to be the most sought after movie streaming app right now. It is the best family entertainment option which provides you free entertainment. And the choices are wide and varied. You can pick and choose what your family wants, there is no dearth. The download option makes it even more convenient. You can download the movies using the app and watch them later where there is no connectivity. This is must have movie streaming app right now. It is also easy to download and get going with this.


Netflix happens to be one of the most talked about movie streaming app out there. And why not, Wikipedia Netflix as the tenth largest Internet company by revenue. It is as easy to use subscription service that allows you to stream movies and episodes of TV shows on your Android or iPhone devices. There are many original series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Apart from you get access to a great range of popular TV shows. You also get an awesome choice of movies, a few exclusive ones.

Netflix offers a one month free membership with no commitments. If you feel that it is not for you, then you are free to cancel any time. The subscription option doesn’t necessarily burn a hole in your pocket as well. You have choices for yourself, your family and especially for kids. Watch anywhere is what urge you to and that is precisely what you can do.

Amazon Prime Video

This is another movie streaming app that provides a good variety of high quality movies and TV shows. They provide you access to exclusive movies, latest TV shows and many more at reasonable rates. They have Amazon Originals that are a treat to watch. The genres of movies range from action, adventure, comedy, drama, animation etc. They too offer a one month free membership, after which you can extend the same by choosing a paid membership.


If you are a movie buff, then the chances are that you are a big fan of HBO, one of the premium cable and satellite television network. The HBO Go app lets you stream the HBO shows and movies, anytime, wherever you are as long as you have a subscription to HBO television. It is as simple as that. A lot of popular TV shows like the Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, the select movies that they telecast etc. can be seen using this app. It also allows customization through creating your own watch-list. It works on both Android and iPhone.

Hulu Plus

Accessible on your Android as well as iPhone devices, Hulu Plus is another top rated movie streaming app that you can check out. You need to subscribe to its services and then you get access to a large number of movies and TV shows. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus offers only one week of free membership for you to try out.


The revelation about Transformers: The Last Knight

The fifth in the series by the same name. Transformers: The Last Knight is a science fiction action movie made by Hasbro. The film has been directed by Michael Bay, who was also the director of the previous four Transformer series films. The film stands hugely on action and is a sequel of the previous versions. The movie which released a month back has not been accepted very well among the audience, owing to its disjointed plot. But still, it has managed to earn $2.6 billion at the ticket booths. The series is based on the war, which went on between Earth and the Transformers succeeding the death of Optimus Prime.

The plot

The opening scenes of the movie depict the dark ages, where a huge battle is being fought between King Arthur and his knights. The movie portrays how a hero should be. The answer to protecting the future is embedded in the past secrets. The protection of the world rests on the uncommon alliance: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg); an English lord known as Bumblebee (Sir Anthony Hopkins) and a professor from Oxford (Laura Haddock). The movie adds that at times everyone’s life reaches a point, where the person is supposed to make a difference. In the film Transformers: The Last Knight, the tormented actually becomes heroes, the heroes will turn out to be offenders. In the climax, only one world will be able to survive either of the heroes or of the villains.

The Analysis

The movie manages to put in a lot of humor to the track, like its previous versions, but the film couldn’t redefine the fun factor present in the earlier series. Like in the fighting sequences, when the plot is serious, humor during that time shows wrong timing on the part of the writer. The director even portrays the story through descriptions of its characters, like in the car crash sequence, but the delivery alone couldn’t create a lasting impact on the story. Although the movie had some fascinating sequences and images, the scenes were not created long to withstand viewer attention. Even the Oscar winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins was not utilized in a proper manner to create an appealing movie.

The story, when compared to the previous versions, is extremely complicated, for the layman to understand. People watch movies for entertainment, not to give in their brains to understand, and comprehend complicated narratives. This is another reason that the movie has not been well accepted by the audience. The film is pretty expensive, but the plot is not worth the money involved in making the movie. The critics have even questioned the intention of the director, behind making the movie, as they feel Michael has not been able to justify his credibility. The plot is inevitably stuffed with sequences which make the story suffer. The new series includes some new characters in the plot, but the characters are not well edged which make them suffer. The sudden entry and exit of the characters don’t define their role in the movie. The metrics like Time and Space has not been defined well and the characters travel large distances in a few minutes, which become unacceptable to viewers. Even the characters remain aloof from the screen for long times, creating broad plot holes.

The Big Sick

The Big Sick-a fantastic romantic comedy directed by one of the most talented directors- Michael Showalter. It is a film based on the true story of the protagonist- Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon. It is a mature movie about relationships, cultural traditions and commitment.  A movie written very differently with a lot more depth and emotions than a regular rom-com. It is not only a romantic movie but also a hilarious one with lots of laugh-out loud moments. Showalter has succeeded in creating authentic characters who feel like one of us.

Nanjiani, who decided to play his role himself, is a cab driver and a struggling comedian in the movie. He has managed to give the best performance till now and it can be rightly said that he has outdone himself. His wife, the beautiful Zoe Kazan, in the movie, is an American student who heckled him in one of the stand-up gigs and then agreed to go home with him the same night.  The mood of the movie is light and funny in their perfect dating time.

The conflict comes when Nanjiani decides to hide his relationship with Emily from his narrow minded Muslim clan. He knew for sure that his family would disown him after knowing about them, especially his mother, Zenoba Shroff. His Pakistani parents kept Pakistan and its traditions very much alive in their hearts and wanted their son to marry a Muslim girl. This was the greatest risk which Nanjiani was unwilling to take. This turned things ugly between him and Emily, who breaks their relationship after knowing his decision.

Unlike a typical rom-com, which could have just featured the movie around this tragedy, the movie decides to mirror the real life. Emily contracts an infection and has to be hospitalized where she goes into coma which is medically induced for her own well being. This twist makes an entrance of Emily’s parents, Beth (Holly Hunter) and Terry (Ray Romano). This not only leads to tension in their charming courtship but also pushes the film and Kumail in different directions.

The wonderful part of the movie is the balance maintained by Showalter in emotions, tensions and comedy. Despite so much tension in the movie, Nanjiani and Emily (his real wife and the writer of this movie) could bring in elements of comedy by cracking jokes about ISIS and Terry’s wish to talk to a Muslim about the 9/11 attacks. It is undeniably a warm movie but not letting it get boring is an excellent work done by the writer and the director. They aren’t afraid of talking about the dark comedy. Moreover, Emily’s parents’ entry leads to a better understanding between them and Nanjiani with of course, comedy always being in the background. Holly and Ray’s outstanding performances added a lot to this unique rom-com.

This movie is the best piece of art created by the director, Showalter. His excellence of craftsmanship has been seen in his previous works as well. However, through this movie we could see that each and every actor of the movie has been allowed a room to shine. Every actor has been focused upon. Be it Bo Burnham, Aidy Bryant or Kurt Braunohler as his standup pals or his Muslim clan with Anupam Kher, Shroff, Shenza Treasurywala or Adeel Akhtar. All the authentic characters proved that Showalter has definitely has an eye for talent which beautifies his movies further.

This romantic and original movie has certainly won hearts of even the most skeptical of audiences. Its most winning quality is certainly its ordinariness to which everyone can relate. The cultural difference is seen through the protagonist’s eyes. His constant dilemma of being unable to choose between his homeland-Pakistan and the new world that he has stepped into can be seen in the movie. Yet Nanjiani did an amazing job with his unmatchable expressions and also through his frequent visits to his family. These visits are few of the best and the most hilarious scenes of the movie where his doting family is constantly in search of a Muslim bride for him.

“The big sick”-the names of the movies is appropriate as in the beginning, the movie appeared to be a typical rom-com with the casual dating and hanging out together. Both, Nanjiani and Emily wanted to keep it a short-term relationship. However, the things change because of ‘the big sick’, that is, Emily’s serious illness which changed Nanjiani completely and made him realize his deep love and care for Emily. This climax highlights the mix of emotions that Showalter was trying to portray.

This film is a master piece mainly because of the quality of ordinariness where even the main hero is shown as a normal man whose apartment is always in a mess and who is struggling for a perfect livelihood with a lot of ups and downs in his personal life.