The revelation about Transformers: The Last Knight

The fifth in the series by the same name. Transformers: The Last Knight is a science fiction action movie made by Hasbro. The film has been directed by Michael Bay, who was also the director of the previous four Transformer series films. The film stands hugely on action and is a sequel of the previous versions. The movie which released a month back has not been accepted very well among the audience, owing to its disjointed plot. But still, it has managed to earn $2.6 billion at the ticket booths. The series is based on the war, which went on between Earth and the Transformers succeeding the death of Optimus Prime.

The plot

The opening scenes of the movie depict the dark ages, where a huge battle is being fought between King Arthur and his knights. The movie portrays how a hero should be. The answer to protecting the future is embedded in the past secrets. The protection of the world rests on the uncommon alliance: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg); an English lord known as Bumblebee (Sir Anthony Hopkins) and a professor from Oxford (Laura Haddock). The movie adds that at times everyone’s life reaches a point, where the person is supposed to make a difference. In the film Transformers: The Last Knight, the tormented actually becomes heroes, the heroes will turn out to be offenders. In the climax, only one world will be able to survive either of the heroes or of the villains.

The Analysis

The movie manages to put in a lot of humor to the track, like its previous versions, but the film couldn’t redefine the fun factor present in the earlier series. Like in the fighting sequences, when the plot is serious, humor during that time shows wrong timing on the part of the writer. The director even portrays the story through descriptions of its characters, like in the car crash sequence, but the delivery alone couldn’t create a lasting impact on the story. Although the movie had some fascinating sequences and images, the scenes were not created long to withstand viewer attention. Even the Oscar winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins was not utilized in a proper manner to create an appealing movie.

The story, when compared to the previous versions, is extremely complicated, for the layman to understand. People watch movies for entertainment, not to give in their brains to understand, and comprehend complicated narratives. This is another reason that the movie has not been well accepted by the audience. The film is pretty expensive, but the plot is not worth the money involved in making the movie. The critics have even questioned the intention of the director, behind making the movie, as they feel Michael has not been able to justify his credibility. The plot is inevitably stuffed with sequences which make the story suffer. The new series includes some new characters in the plot, but the characters are not well edged which make them suffer. The sudden entry and exit of the characters don’t define their role in the movie. The metrics like Time and Space has not been defined well and the characters travel large distances in a few minutes, which become unacceptable to viewers. Even the characters remain aloof from the screen for long times, creating broad plot holes.