How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

It is no secret that dental visits are expensive. The cost to maintain a beautiful smile is great but one most of us pay willingly to maintain good oral health.

Tooth extraction becomes necessary when a damaged tooth cannot be repaired or when it impacts or is at risk of impacting the health of other teeth. A general dentist can provide a tooth extraction when other options are obsolete. When a dentist tells you that you need a tooth extraction, cost is often the first thought.

How much should it cost to remove a tooth in West Melbourne? The truth is, many factors impact the cost of tooth extraction.

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Those factors include the number of extractions and the type of extraction. The dentist that you visit also affects the overall cost of the procedure. Are you covered by insurance? Rest assured a good policy takes care of most of the cost of a tooth extraction.

Check with your insurance agent or read over your policy to learn more about the coverage you enjoy. You’re sure to learn that tooth extraction is likely covered in the policy. If insurance covers any portion of the extraction it certainly eases the burden on your pockets.

So exactly what is this cost? For a simple extraction, expect to pay $75 – $200 per tooth that is being extracted. For a complicated extraction, this rate can double or triple, depending on the individual needs.

Now that you know the tooth removal cost west melbourne, you should make plans to schedule a dental appointment if you suspect the need for this procedure. It is not easy to extract a tooth but the best option for health when a dentist makes the recommendation. Most dentists offer financing options for tooth extraction if dental insurance does not cover the costs.