How to Enjoy Your New-Found Free Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives forever. Day-to-day activities now require social distancing measures to stay safe, masks protect the spread of the virus, and we must limit the number of people in our crowds, among other steps. A lot of people also face unemployment, which means they’re at home more often. This leaves free time to be filled, with limited opportunities available. How can you enjoy your new-found free time at home to the fullest?

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Once outside, how can you spend your free time? Endless ideas are there that make every life a little better. Some of the things you can do include:

·    Create a garden. Whether you choose to grow plants, flowers or fresh herbs and/or vegetables, growing a garden provides many lifelong skills, saves money, and takes up time spent doing things that you’ll love.

·    Read a book while relaxing on the deck or the patio. We often find out that reading is harder than it was at one time due to limited time. Now that you are home, go ahead and binge read that book and turn off Netflix for a change.

·    Or, go ahead and binge-watch that serious you’ve wanted to watch for some time now. It won’t get you outside, but it will fill your time with pleasurable fun.

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·    Start scrapbooking. It’s a fun way to create fun family memories with the kids, loved ones, etc. You will love looking back on the scrapbooks you’ve created for the family.